oh, uh…

Anyone want anything included in my post-s2 YJ fic? Aside from Wally/Artemis (and let’s face it, Dick/Barbara, because I’m me), any characters/ships you want explored?

No promises on actually doing it, but I’ll listen.

  1. hiddenpiecesofmybrokenheart said: Cassie/Conner and tim/steph
  2. billykapfan answered: Not supermartian? Is that a possible request?
  3. distractedbyshinyobjects answered: I really need for Wally to be alive, but just lost in the Speed Force. That’s just undisputed fact, right? Right?
  4. sea-dilemma answered: Sex. ; )
  5. salve-sis answered: one sided bluepulse and wonderbeetle, please
  6. sarahakele answered: supermartian please and thank you :)
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